935 ₽

homemade meat delicacies – chicken balyk, pork balyk, chicken galantine, roast beef, beef, pork, lard; fresh and pickled cucumber, tomatoes, black bread, three sauces and greenery
* meal to share

390/60 gr

525 ₽

smoked cod, perch, catfish and halibut of homemade style; tomatoes, fried potatoes, cucumber, sweet pepper
420 gr

550 ₽

mozzarella, gouda, parmesan, camembert, dor blue, walnut, pear, grapes, mint, honey served separately
* meal to share
350 gr  

200 ₽

tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, radish, greens, cranberries                                                                 200 gr

180 ₽

orange, apple, pear, mint, berries, powdered sugar
160 gr  46 kcal/194 KJ

295 ₽

Danish style sandwiches with cream cheese, filet of anchovies, egg, cucumber, red onion, cranberries and herbs; pasta-krill, canned sprats in oil, egg, radish, caviar capelin and dill                                                                   195/195 gr